Saturday, April 16, 2005

Not a first, but ...

WTF I totally posted yesterday, and now it's not there. To bring everyone up to speed. I complained about school (wow, that's original), and I spoke briefly about a thing I'm not talking about now. I'll let everyone know why I'm being klandestine AFTER Sunday.

I slept in my damn contacts last night. I SO hate doing that. I woke up with semi-cruddy eyes this morning. I have to go to the gym so I can't take them out, and then I am working this afternoon. I guess I can do that in glasses, since it's typing and reading. I'm going to work on my doctoral proposal!!! Go me!!

Going to see boogeyman. Tonight I'm off to see boogey man. I'm really looking forward to it, should rock. Though, I've got to admit Ive been UBER disappointed in the movies I've seen lately. Last night, went to see million dollar baby, and was so not impressed. I thought finding neverland was a better movie. And MOrgan Freeman, I love this guy, was great, but he won an OSCAR?! I was all, um no. I didn't even cry. C went with me and thinks I'm a heartless bastard now. Probably musing, and now has no doubts why I'm single :( Oh well, i just had no character connection.

Hope everyone had a good week,


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