Sunday, April 17, 2005

Call Back for Commercial

I had a callback today. Unfortunately I can't talk about all the details, but I can talk about it a bit. My mom recieved a call from a talent scout looking for americans in stockholm. They were having casting calls for families and individuals who fit certain descriptions.

This is were it goes downhill. My mom dogs me that I HAVE to send in my stuff. I, she thinks, fit the description of a 25 ish latino from LA. Um okay, I could probably swing that. I sent my pictures in with a description and a declaration that I was, in fact, NOT latino. I still got a call back. wtf. Not only that, but I got a better 'feel' for my character: Lation, macho, tuff/rough. I'm thinking, omg, anyone who knows me would laugh their ass off if they heard the part description.

For the callback we had to read lines. I show up in my t-shirt and jeans with a hoodie on. I filled out the forms, and read over the lines. By the description, they wanted a mafioso-ruffneck type. He thinks he's da'bomb etc. I was SOOO tempted to do a Joey, "How YOU doin?" But I refrained. Instead I think I pulled off nonplus-suburbanite-trying-to-be-hip. It was not pretty.

She kept saying, "Now, your character is really tough and loud." I was thinking, mother fucker, my CHARACTER is blah blah ... people really TALK like this!!! "Your character feels like he's the best. He's macho." My character may be feelin that, but I'm not. I wanted to be all, "Bitch give me fuckin kitchen with knives." By the time she ended my session, I'd been through the lines 9 times. IT was only 15 minutes later. We hear this week or next weekend. If I get the part someone at this casting house is on CRANK (b/c crack just can't mess you up THAT much).

Of course C and D want me to get the commercial so they can be all, "Dude, it's B!!!" I think it's bogus, and don't really want to do it. Thankfully, there's not much chance they'll cast me.

And that's my adventure for the weekend.


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