Friday, April 22, 2005


Who'd have thought that coming to Stockholm may lead to me going to China. I am still trying to decide what I CAN do next year. What I WANT to do next year is not so hard. I WANT to stay in Sweden and start the PhD program here at the law school. However, I had a not so pleasant meeting this morning with my advisor who stated that I,"will be hardpressed to submit a competitive proposal by the application deadline." Great.

the China program. This is an exchange between my school and Tsinghua in Beijing. I am only supposed to get an exchange for a semester, but I may request a full year if I can. This way I can get one of the first Chinese Law LLM's offered to foreigners. How coo is that?! Otherwise I just do a term for research.

Apparently this university is the HAWT right now. I contacted a prestigious professor who has offered advice and recommendations to me. He recently visited and called the university,"really impressive." This is from a guy who is faculty at the most technologically advanced law school in the US, and has taught at Harvard and Georgetown. The clenching statement from him was his closing, "Any time you spent studying in China would probably be most worthwhile for your future career."

I'd asked him whether I should go straight for a PhD or try this thing in china. It seems clear that, for him at least, china is the way to go. did I mention that the exchange waives all my tuition fees ... yea, china is looking like a great alternative.


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