Saturday, April 23, 2005

It's come to a proverbial Head ...

I swear I will get a search on oral sex and head for a week now. I got a really random one from a movie quote I put in last term, Ecto Gamat. Bruce Willis asks someone what Ecto Gamat means. It means Never, not without my permission. Be interesting to see if people know the movie, the person who explained it, and who what they were talking about. NOTE: Isabo, I know you know this, so don't give away too much if you can contain yerself :)

Otherwise I'm having one of the worst weekends I've had since last term when my group abandoned me to travel. I turned in 60 pages of work in a week so we wouldn't get screwed. Friday I met with my advisor, not the environmental guy, but the arbitration advisor. She's basically said that I've tried to take too broad a topic, that I need to choose only one issue, and focus. "You need to take this writing and acknowledge it as a good resource. Step back, and reevaluate your work. NArrow the topic, you've been catering to both your advisors too long." Hence, this is total shit, rewrite so it makes sense and narrow your topic. About the time she came to this, the next student arrived. I have little or no guidance on what is expected, and no useful comments on what to improve since I'm starting from, more or less, scratch. I therefore will probably not post regularly for the next few weeks.

Hope everyone is doing better than me


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