Thursday, May 19, 2005

Back in the US, Back in the US, Back in the US...S... er... R

I travelled today. It is amazing how many americans you encounter when travelling. No joke, I'd say 50+% of the airport patrons were american. It got worse when I landed in Iceland, but then again, why else would you go to iceland but as a gateway to Europe/Americas. Even Iceland Air pimps it out as such.

The flights, overall, were not terrible. they were just, well, long in total. Separately they were manageable, but damn when you add all the hours of waiting and sitting together it gets really old, really fast. the flight crews seem to get shorter and shorter tempered everytime I fly. I am pretty placating, so it was surprising how abrupt and sharp they were with people once we were in the air.

The only real eventful today was the 200lb man who sat next to me from Stockholm to Reykjavik. The boarding procedure is ad hoc or haphazard at best. Basically, you all show up 20 minutes before and they suddenly so, "Okay people, let's board!" No rows, no order, no first class comes first. Just a, okay it's time, and a mass of bodies trying to be one of the first on the plane. I needed to be early today because I was trying to carryon a pretty big piece of luggage. Anyways, once on you sit in your 'assigned' seat. Apparently this is suggested only, and not really set in stone. People decided to sit in certain unassigned places displacing others.

The large guy next to me was one of those people, and had been standing in the back secretly praying they did not bump him. If I'd been him i'd have sat in a seat and strapped in. The shuffle eventually put him in the middle seat next to me. I was so not happy about that. He fell to sleep almost immediately, resting his grotesquely large limbs on his protruding stomach. I'm not talking a little pot belly here either, GREAT STORES OF FAT, I give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he's saving up to try to cross the Gobi or something. He snored outrageously, and would jostle in his sleep, his spongey elbows bumping me and slowly increasing his 'personal' space. I ended up slopping food on my t-shirt and having a relatively miserable flight because of it. Que Sera Sera, bitches.

I'm in baltimore for my professional responsibility course, and to see Episode III ( I have tickets for manana).

Hope all is well with people


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