Thursday, May 12, 2005


I am finding more and more people come to my blog through yahoo! searches. Not that I don't think that's cool, my blog is clearly out there impacting the websphere as a whole. What I do not like is some of the searches: like It's just strange. I also got one for Doctor raping. I wonder if they meant rapping.

In any event, there are other searches that come up at least 4 - 5 times a week, like 'ecto gamat'. Which, of course, is a line from The Fifth Element, with Bruce Willis and Milla Yovovich. Who could forget the DIVA from that movie. If you've not seen it, at least try and find a clip from her performance. It's enhanced vocal overlay, and for someone who's not heard it before is always impressive.

I've decided to save my story from yesterday. I figured I need some time to mull things over. Plus I'm rushed today. Believe me, it's better to wait. I'm off to a luncheon with my mom so I can entertain a bf of a speaker. the only two guys there ... I'm sure we will have tons of stuff to talk about, what with both being male and all. The things I do for people ... jk.

Have a good one.


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