Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Delay on BAR stuffs

I'm sure that everyone has a perpetual thorn in their side. And by thorn I mean person and side I mean life. I called to schedule my Bar interview for the character committee since I couldn't do it last fall, what with being in stockholm and NOT baltimore.

So the hold up. Oh, this gets good. I've known so few people for long enough to appease the Bar I had to ask the ex, J, to send something in. It never happened. J moved, they tried to contact J to no avail. I contacted J today, who has, apparently, never sent the materials in. Wow, so now I can't get my interview unless the dude has time to review J's reference before I get to the states in 2 weeks. Wounds, salt, rubbing it IN ... J never passed the Bar, after 4 attempts. 2 of which occured during our togetherness. I think I'm going to hurt someone, if my sister doesn't get to it first. At least, the hurting will come AFTER J submits the required documentation. The interviewer seemed not so happy to hear from me, and just a little peeved that I am not in the country and therefore need him to be flexible.



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