Monday, May 02, 2005

Weight Tracker 5.2

I went back on 'the diet' today. Fun stuff huh. I figured I'd post my weight on here so I can keep track, and everyone else can gaffaw when the pounds shed away. It's really pretty scary.

I initiate this week. I'll be totally insane for a few days, where there are anticarbs ... with one variation. I am sticking to my recovery shake after workouts. All this year I felt like my body was nonresponsive to 5 days in the gym. I go off the diet for two months and I gain mad wieght, but I also gain some nice mass. SO, in theory, I should be able to do a low carb diet and still have a recovery shake. Anyways, the shake is about 75 carbs with the milk, but I add extra protein so I'm getting about 75/100/5. It's a good protein kick to my day, and proportionally it's nothing.

CURRENT WEIGHT: 186 lbs (the most I've weighed in a while)

I've had my shake today. I had a green salad no dress, and a .25Kg piece of salmon for lunch. I just had a pretty big romain salad with no carb caeser. I'm still starved. Maybe I'll go nap ... OOO or play pokemon.

Have a good one people. I meet with my advisor tomorrow. Hopefully it goes well.


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