Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Weight Tracker 5.10

I am going to 'blend' my weight stats for two days:


Home: 180 lbs

Gym: 81.9 kgs


Home: 180 lbs

Gym: 81.6 kgs

Consistency is good, it usually occurse in threes before I drop 2 - 3 lbs. This is the slowest initiation I've ever had on a lowcarb diet. Granted, I'm still taking in 75 - 100 gms of carbs a day, but they are recovery maltose and lactose carbs (fast carbs) taken directly after a hard work out. Days when I don't work out I avg. 20 - 25 lactose carbs a day.

Strangeness. I'm sure my body will adjust eventually, but it's frustrating not to see the lbs shred like they did every other time I've done this diet. I will thwart you yet viceral fat!


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