Thursday, May 05, 2005

Weight Tracker 5.5

Interesting discrepancies in weight today.

I weighed in at the gym before lifting at 82 kg. After my work out I was 81.7 kg.

Weight at gym: 82 kgs

I forgot to weigh myself when I got home, I had a protein recovery shake, two eggs and left over bacon from my parent's breakfast that they'd left me. Anyways, I had two big glasses of water, and weighed in at 182 lbs.

Weight at home: 182 lbs

According to I should weigh about 180.78 at home. 182 lbs is 82.55 kgs according to the same calculation. So my home scale is probably off a bit. Though, the home scale does not center, it averages, so maybe that accounts for the discrepancy.

As far as I know, Grace, I am still the same height :)

Hope everyone has a great week


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