Tuesday, May 10, 2005

First Teaching Assignment?

In the early spring I met with a PhD student who teaches at a pretty obscure liberal arts college in Middle Sweden (I fantasize that it's rustic and like middle earth, but I won't be shocked when I find it contemporary and decidely lacking leatherclad, dirty rangers). This guy is teaching a course in the legal department for undergrads. Part of the lecture series is practical writing and a moot. The PhD is not a native speaker so asked at the university if my professor would do it. She, being the bussiest person alive declined, but made some other recommendations in the unversity. After the head of the writing deparment at Stockholm and School of Economics decline, I got the call.

I will travel for two hours each way to give a four hour lecture on Persuasive Legal English. I'm no the University timetable and everything. It's pretty cool. They pay for me to get out there, then I get ridiculous wages for the time I'm going to spend. I'm serious, RIDICULOUS, especially given that I dont' have a PhD yet (technically if I had a PhD I would get twice as much, which is uber scary). The class is apparently very swedish, so I have to try to get through to them without them just sitting and taking notes. I plan on opening with the Coffee Rule. I'll probably make a posting about that some time tomorrow when I'm done and tell you all how it went.

I actually have to go out and get some clothes so I can look halfway decent. All I have are really formal (pleated (omg who the phuck invented pleats)) pants and cargo khakis, neither of which seem appropriate. SO, I'm going on a quest for staight front slacks and a fitted dress shirt. Fun. C will call me shortly to meet up with me.

Hope everyone has a tremendous week.


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