Friday, May 13, 2005

Interesting Searches ...

So we are all having fun with who links to me how, and all that. I have almost no time for a creative post :( given that I got comments back on my draft today and it's due on sunday. I am going to try and bust ass to get it done and do it right. I've been given the nod for an extension until June 1, but I am hoping to not have to use it. Having two advisors makes it difficult, however, so I will keep the trump card in reserve, as it were.

The following are a series of searches bringing people to my page:

  1. the bible book of the devil Interesting search. I am the number 2 return on this query.

  2. Flesch reading ease this seems to be a really common one right now. I have no idea why, but it's shown up three days in a row from different users.

  3. weight tracker I KNEW this would get me in trouble some day ... jk I'm the 6th return on this one.

  4. acension recovery I have no clue what this is about ... I'm the first return though!

  5. romy and michelle's highschool reunion music I was totally psyched about this search, I'm first, BEFORE AMAZON.COM!!!!

  6. "too little too late" and book of quotes I also returned as the first hit on this search. Got to love the google.

  7. kycling+filé A swede must have put this in. I'm sure they had a riotous time going through my explanation of the kyckling.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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