Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Originally uploaded by mrbrianjapan.
I thought this was an interesting picture from one of the culinary monstrosities gone incredibly awry.

Those of you familiar with this dish will recognize the tell-tale crumbles make a failed attempt at preacher cookies. Those not so familiar will just see spoons with crap on wax paper.

Preacher cookies are stove top or drop cookies. They are oats, cocoa and homemade syrup. So not easy to make. You can't scortch the syrup, you can't add too many oats, and you can't let them sit too long. Oh, and getting the syrup on you, will burn you to the bone before you can get it off. Very hazardous activity, no joke.

I had a craving for these about two months ago, but I'm just getting around to downloading the picture. Thought you guys might enjoy it. Even if you dont' it does change up my content a bit. Until I can get a sponsor like Simon I've no chance of having a proper photoblog, but this is a fun deviation :) Maybe I'll do more if this goes over well with the Readizens.

Have a good one


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