Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Eternal Part

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I am back in Stockholm, and UBER jetlagged. My apologies for not writing more often while I was gone, but I noticed that not many people read what I posted anyways.

I want to point out a tragic part of keeping your hair short normally and then growing it out. Apparently your hair folicles get used to the weight of the hair and will start to grow more towards one side or the other. This is called training hair. PEople usually have to do this to part their hair in the middle or on the sides. I parted my hair in the middle.

Now, you will notice in this picture the sharp left to right part on the left side of my skull. This is apparently going to be around a while. The left side all grows to the left, and lays down. The right, to the right and sticks up. It seriously looks like a part gone wrong. And by wrong I mean Michael Myers from Halloween. I just hope it goes away soon. I really don't like the part.

Have to say though, really really think I look better with short hair. I dunno why but it just seems to suit my body and facial features. I'm sure everyone has a thought on that, but it just looks better to me. Plus I can wear ballcaps again! w00t!

Well, again, sorry for not posting in a while. Hope people start coming back and reading.

Talk soon


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