Monday, January 21, 2008

A week in ...

So I'm more than a week into the program, actually, but I thought I would tell you guys a bit more about my program. I am studying international business strategy, more or less. I get to take 4 courses a semester for 4 semesters. The classes I'm taking this term are research design, network theory, advanced stats (based in econometrics), and organizational behavior.

Research design. The professor for this course is one of those really laid-back guys who does a lot of simulations and is walking us through the basics of creating and implementing a research design. We are even going to work with empirical data -- which apparently even the 2nd years have not yet done. The first day we all had to write our research topics up on the board, of course I didn't have one, though he did ask ... just in case. I think he has 2 PhDs, one is, surprisingly, in math.

Network theory. This is a pretty interesting class looking at the systems and networks, relationships and groupings. It is pretty interesting. Think Oracle, the original network program, or Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. Honest to god, the very basis of the theory so closely relates to Six Degrees that you describe half of the definitions in terms of Kevin Bacon and his incestuous affair with Hollywood.

Advanced Stats. This class is pretty decent. The prof. is a recent grad, and has a great energy that everyone picks up on. It makes it so much easier to learn the material. Even better is that if you call the prof out on a mistake she gives you points. Not to be out done by my more senior classmates, I picked out a mistake and already have a point to add to a homework score!

OB. This should be a great class. Organizational Behavior is basically the touchy feely side of business. I enjoyed it, even if the prof was a dick, in my MBA prog. I'm looking forward to getting into more of the power dynamics and conflict management stuff.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


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