Thursday, May 26, 2005

Liverpool Wins by Shootout

Liverpool won the Champions League last night, for the first time in like 20 years. The game was hella insane, since I didn't even turn it on until the second half. I got text from friends after the game just started saying, "Crap, already down one goal." I figrued, meh, I'll wait until next half it will probably be a lame game anyways. SO I got to watch all the exciting bits without being totally tanked about them being down. Was cool, and pretty good soccer.

One thing to note is that the Liverpool fans contained themselves, refraining from the gratuitous murder of unsuspecting fans. The last time they won there were riots, and death. It's also sick and twisted because Liverpool doesn't even qualify for the Champions league for next year. "Liverpool's title was its first in the tournament since its fans rioted at the 1985 final in Brussels, Belgium, causing the death of 39 spectators and leading to a lengthy ban from European competition for English clubs. Under current rules, Liverpool won't be able to defend its title because only the top four teams in the Premier League qualified for next year's competition. " Weird huh?

Hope everyone's having a good one


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