Saturday, May 28, 2005

Me at Graduation

Me at Graduation
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Okay, so there will be NO MORE bitching about people not knowing what I look like. This is a total pimped out picture of me. I even look scarily tanned for my lily-white complexion. I think it has to do with all the facial hair.

The gym-going is definitely starting to pay off though. I feel like I should do a hot-or-not posting with different stages of haircuttery to see what people like. Especially since I've a diverse readizenship.

The Chinese students think I cut my hair to go to China, since short hair is traditional for men. Interestingly, I convinced my advisor, Professor, that the hair donation thing WAS for a good cause. She talked about it all night long, but I think she secretly REALLY likes my new hair cut. Everyone seems to. I have to admit, it's much easier and I REALLY like having the short hair.

Hope all is well with everyone!


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