Monday, June 20, 2005

Breaking "the Rules": Texts and Phone Calls the Day After

As I sit here typing away, organizing my thoughts in to a semblance of pixelized structure and coalation, my iTunes shifts to one of the few country songs I have. Now, not to say I'm a HUGE fan, but country music speaks to me sometimes :) This particular song reminds me of my best friend Mi. I miss her terribly, especially at time like now with the Aussie Saga's unfolding at blinding, and confusing speeds. So, I'm listening to "Wide Open Spaces" by the Dixie Chicks. I'm feeling kinda mellow, and may actually listen to where the Sidewalk Ends next ... I miss Mi. Jesus H Christ, "I Cross My Heart" George Strait. God damn the morass that is country music. You've Sucked me in for the last time Country MUSIC. I SHALL SMITE THEE AND LAY THEE LOW. Ha. Fuck it, some random electron discharging shifted itunes to country, I'll run with it ... for now >:(

So you are probably not here to hear me mull over the Fates controlling my iTunes to spite me, I guess I should get on with it then. Many people believe in the distance and objectification of an initial interest to keep from 'scaring' people away and playing by certain rules. This is what drives Sex in the City and the gay community generally. I suspect it also keeps half the shrinks in the US in business. I don't play by many of these rules, so :) There have been several texts and even a phone call today. Yes, a day after the intial intense meeting that slightly resembled a date. Well, except for the fact that I was soaked with sweat from running 3 miles, that we never formally called it a date, and that we met, randomly, at the gym with no intentions of going on a date date. Perhaps it was not a date, even if it's not though, it so closely resembles a date as to be constructively date-like :) How's that for some fancy legalese. DAMN, I knew that law school would pay off eventually. I can even convince myself I went on a date when I didn't. SWEET. w00t!

The exchange of the Text or SMS. So I'd actually not heard anything from the Aussie yesterday after we went our separate ways. I'd texted him, saying I'd try to come by, and that hopefully I'd get to see him. No response, probably a caution considering I'd given interest in dropping by. I still checked my phone at least twice an hour. This morning I got a text though, which I still have:
"Morning! Your welcome. I went to lino, but could not be bothered to line up. Happy you had a nice time" Clarification on this subject matter to follow. I then texted back, 45 minutes later. I left my phone home, so at least it looked like I didn't just jump on it and respond. I DO hate to look like I'm at the whim of someone else, whether it's the truth or not. I am diligent though, and often project that on others. Any potential dates out there, keep that in mind! My response was: "NO! I waited for you for hours I saw some old friends so it balanced out ;) have fun sitting today can I call later?" Meh, a little odd, but it was forward and gives an easy out for the phone call. The reply was: "Sure. I'm baby sitting my niece till tomorrow. Enjoy the Sun!" I didn't reply to this text.

The phone call. I called at or about 22:49. "Hello mate ..." I laughed despite myself. It's been a while since I knew an aussie enough to get the less formal greetings. Was a nice change. We had a nice conversation about last night, what we'd both done today, and what was on for the week. Apparently Aussie had changed after work and headed over to Lino, but had to wait in line. WTF. He left because it was 2:30, and 100 SEK ($15) to get in. Understandable. I told him about getting to catch up with M, see post below. We talked about his music video for a bit, and I admitted that I was surprised it was his at first, confessing that the beginning I thought it was a really thin Heath Ledger. I got a chuckle for that. Apparently it's good that I had trouble recognizing him (Aussie) outright. Though, confusingly, Aussie and Heath are from Australia and of similar age ... hmm. He apparently had a blast sitting his niece and is psyched to do it tomorrow. I got another invite to see him at work -- different place this time. I'm not sure how I feel about this: 1) he's trying to get face time in, because he's uber busy and not going to have much time to see me otherwise or 2) he's not realy interested and is placating me because we've such a short time remaining for anything to happen. Either is plausible, especially given the obviousness of my interest. Oh well :) HE works on Tues at this place on the water, so who knows. I'll think on it, see what you all say of course.

So, he invited me to keep in touch this week to see what's going on, but made it fairly clear that he is busy. Who knows. I have a gut feeling that he is being polite and is trying not to create any vested interest on his or my part. nice of him, but I like it straight up and obvious sometimes. It's just nice, and appropriate :)

Well, that's it for now. Hopefully he will text me tomorrow some time. We will see. This is when the 'Rules' have more bearing, I think, and he may hold off on contacting me until Tues. Thoughts?

The Finn texted me twice :) both of which I responded to. He's terribly hungover today and had to work all day. he's just now getting off work I think and it's 00:30. That's hardcore.

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend!


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