Friday, June 17, 2005


I will post about the insanity that was the gym today in a second post. Below is my arm work out. It changes, of course, but this is what I did today.

Dips. I did traditional dips with no extra weight. Because this was my first I also did 10 x 7kg (15.4lb) over head tricep extensions (Right arm, then left arm) after each set of dips.

x 12
tricep extensions
x 12
tricep extensions
x 12
tricep extensions
tricep extensions

Arm curls. I SO hate arm curls, probably why I wussy, girly looking arms. Bite me. There are so many more fun things to do than curls. I use a neutral inclined curling bench for these so you get nice full extension. The bar is 10kg (22lb).

12 x 15kg (33lb)(with bar it's 25kg, 55lb)
12 x 20kg (44lb)(30kg, 66lb, which was my max for 4x or 5x about 3 weeks ago)
9 x 22.5kg (49.5lb)(32.5kg, 71.5lb)
6 x 25kg (55lb)(35kg, 77lb)
10 x 10kg (22lb)(20kg, 44lb)(power set 6x 25 to 10 x 10)

Rope Pulls and Overhead Extensions. These are fun, but I was stuck on the single cable with can make it awkward since it adds resistance. I alternated pulls (pushdowns with a rope, where the arms go from prayer to extended) to overhead (same deal, elbows in) for each set.

15 x 17.5kg (38.5lb + resistance)
15 x 17.5kg

12 x 22.5kg (49.5lb + resistance)
12 x 20kg

10 x 25kg (55lb + resistance)
10 x 22.5

With pure weight cables I can usually get up to 10 x 35 or 10 x 37.5.

Standing Curls, cable 'head-crackers' and dumbell curls. Yes, all in a row.
I use the same weight for the curling bar (27.5kg) and dumbells (7kg), but change up the cables. Again, these cables are resisting cables, which I actually prefer for head-crackers. Head crackers beign with the arms straight out from the bod, palms up. Handles in hand, step in front a bit for parallel, behind for upper. Parallel tends to target the middle of the arm a bit better. Curl, keeping your upper arm parallel to the floor, by only moving your forearms. Your hands come to your head, so you look like you are hitting yourself, like when you were a kid and your uncle did that to you ...

For each set I did 10 standing curls. Then I did cables. Then dumbells, singles forst at 8 a piece, then together at 8 total. Cable variance as follows.

12 x 7.5kg (16.5lb + resistance)

10 x 10kg (22lb + resistance)

Standing Curl
8 x 12.5kg (27.5lb + resistance)
10 x 7.5kg (16.5lb + resistance)

7 x 12.5kg
12 x 5kg (11lb + resistance)

I still hadn't hit an hour, so I figured I could do another blended exercise.
Overhand bicep curls and double tricep extensions, followed by single bicep extensions. Overhand bicep curls are odd, but then help my forearms, and hit the bicep a little differently. Take a large bar (I used a 20kg bar bare) and grip decently close with hands on top of bar and parallel with hips. Let bar rest on thighs. Curl to chest, repeat.

10 x overhand
10 x 7kg double tricep
10 x 7 single

10 x overhand
10 x 8kg double
10 x 8 sinlge

10 x overhand
10 x 9kg double
8 x 9 single

10 x overhand
9 x 9kg double
9 x 9 single



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