Wednesday, June 15, 2005

A Light Chest Workout

So, in the spirit of Johan's posting, I decided to note my work out here. Chest workout is, surprisingly, one of the things I don't worry about too much. I have a tender shoulder that limits piling on the weight, but i can press more than my body weight for 6 - 8 reps, so I'm probably doing okay. It could be worse, Jason can't even work with free weights :( Anyways, there is plent of other stuff to read on here for those who aren't into the lifting stuff.

Cables. I recently started changing up my chest work outs from bench stuff to cables at the beginning. My body seems to like it, since it's usually cranky two days later.

Today I started with set-lunging cable press (lunging postion to add constant tension to the cables for stability and some isometrics), with the handles on the top (we dont' have middle cables). Put your arms in a 'hugging' position, and maintain, do not bend elbows. Pull smoothly from the side to front position, rotating your hands slightly, your hands should cross, one on top of the other. Alternate if you want. Release slowly and repeat without stopping your motion.
15 x 25kg (55lb)(this is for each side, together it is 110lb etc)
12 x 30kg (66lb)*
9 x 35kg (77lb)
8 x 35kg (77lb)
10 x 15kg (33lb)(power set, directly from 8 x 35 to 10 x 15)
- chest generally, inner-chest

At the * you see above I started set-lunging underarm press in between sets(I don't know what they call it, but it's fun, makes your chest pull up so yer huge for like 2 seconds). The handles on the floor. Lunge forward, and set. Hold your hands near your sides/legs, keep them in tight. Palms should be forward. With the same locked hugging motion, pull smoothly up so your palms are upraised infront of your eyes. releasly slowly until just infront of your thigh, repeat. Try not to 'dip' when you repeat, it's hard on the shoulder :) I always find it easier to do these with my hands open, so it looks like I'm trying to push a box when I start, then I'm trying to put a box up on a shelf when I'm done.
15 x 12.5kg (27.5lb)(again, each side, so 55 total)
12 x 15kg (33lb)
12 x 17.5kg (38.5lb)
10 x 20kg (44lb)
15 x 10kg (22lb)(power set 10 x 20 to 15 x 10)
- upper and inner chest

Bench. I am always unhappy with my inner and upper chest, so I focus there, since any chest exercise will use your lower chest. I rarely do flat bench, and I'm almost always on the Smith Machine (the one with locks so you can't decapitate yourself as easily). My Smith machine has 10kg (22lb) weight added (actually 10 taken from the bar, but whatever). If you are using a smith find out what your counter weights are.

Inclined closegrip chest. These are great for your triceps and your inner/upper chest. Whenever you do a closegrip exercise you will want to keep your elbows as close to your body as possible. While moving them out helps some, it doesn't do anything worth while overall. If you need to know how 'inclined' to put your bench, there is usually a bench 'set' for inclined. Follow that. I usually just oggle it, and I've done it enough that it just feels right.
12 x 10kg (22lb)(again, both sides + 22lb for smith = 66lb total)
12 x 12.5kg (27.5lb)*
10 x 15kg (33lb)
10 x 17.5kg (38.5lb)
- triceps, mid/upper chest

Inclined neutral or open hand. Same idea, rack and move hands to the neutral position (usually a relatively wide position). Most 'bars' have smooth-stripes on the grips for recommended wide or neutral gripping. Again at * I racked and changed positions, like a power set.
10 x 12.5 kg
10 x 15 kg
10 x 17.5 kg
10 x 10 kg (power set)
- mid/upper chest, triceps

Double Hand Dumbell Raises. This a tricky one I picked up recently, just to change it up, I'm still not convinced it does much. Rest a dumbell in your lap, one end toward you, one away. Grab the handle with both hands together on the end nearest you. Lay back. Put your hands 'flat' against the end, handle between your thumbs and forefingers, weight resting on your hands. With the fun, hugging arm position take the weight over your head and behind you. Keep your arms from bending, raise until over your chest. Go back. Repeat. Do not let the weight go too far back.
15 x 14kg (30.8lb) * (this exercise uses only one dumbell)
12 x 16kg (35.2lb)
12 x 18kg (39.6lb)
- triceps and lower chest

Inclined Cable Flies. Yes, that's right, more cables. Inclinded bench centered between cables and pulled forward. Handles on the floor. If the bench is far enough forward can be tricky to get handles. Again fun hugging arm position, side to front, back, repeat. Do not go too far back, can hurt shoudlers. I started cables in between Sets with Double Hand Raises.
15 x 20kg (44lb) (each, so 88lb total)
12 x 22.5kg (49.5lb)
10 x 25kg (55lb)
9 x 27.5 (60.5lb)
12 x 15kg (33lb)(power set 9 x 27.5 to 12 x 15)
- center chest.

This was a light work out, and took me almost 52 minutes. I dunn how Johan gets it all in ... I didn't even rest much between sets.


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