Saturday, June 11, 2005


I am supposed to go to a birthday party for a friend tonight at Bern's, which is very near me in Östermalmstorg. I really like this person, and it is probably one of the last times I'll have to go out with classmates, but you know what, I'm just not feeling it. Is that so wrong of me? Perhaps I'm being antisocial?

Firstly, Bern's almost always has a line on weekends, not to mention a steap cover (150 SEK if I remember right). That's like $20. Not to mention that drinks are pretty expensive there as well. I DID take a 2 hour nap this afternoon, but I just feel like crap. Second, I've never met a gay guy there, and let's be frank about it, as much as I want to go and get smashed, I'm feeling the effects of being single for the last 3 years. yes, I said 3(three, tre, tres, III). I'm particularly feeling the drive to just be with someone, which is dangerous. I'm hoping I'll meet someone nice this summer in Dallas. I met someone this winter, but we've not really been in touch, and he's been decidedly unresponsive to my attempts to reestablish communications.

Interestingly, I met someone at the gym yesterday. The strangeness of it all. I was very attracted to this person. I'd never seen him, or his lifting partner before, and I only noticed them because I heard tid bits of english. Apparently he used to lift at my gym all the time, just before I joined, then he moved to Gamla Stan. He seemed really really nice. He's a pop singer who just finished a video. I'm not even sure he'd be interested, but he did introduce himself after I asked his partner for a spot and then him if he lived down town. He's an aussie, and my only true love, thus far, was also an aussie. I dunno. It was just awkward. We ran into each other after he'd showered and I was picking up my gameboy in the lockerroom to go bike. I had a moment while we were talking and had to sit down. It was a bit awkward b/c I had to drive the conversation for a few minutes while he dressed. I tried to bolt a few times and he asked me a new question. Then, I made to leave and they followed. He and his lifting partner said they'd hopefully see me again. Curiouser and Curiouser.

Speaking of, I'm reading Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. I also bought Alice Through the Looking Glass - the sequel. It is incredibly easy reading, but it's always nice to go back and read the classics. There are definitely certain tonal nuances that I pick up on now that my mind's matured ... a bit at least. I also want to reread the Chronicals of Narnia before I go see them in the movies. HARRY POTTER comes out July 15, the day I travel from Montreal. I wonder if I can pick it up in the airport or something. I'm a huge fan of the HP series, as I noticed several other readers are as well. I'm tempted to go through as I'm reading and do some analysis/commentary, but I'll cross taht bridge when I get to it. I've never really done that before, so I'm not sure how into/good at it I'd be. Meh, we'll give it a spin.

My parents are gone this evening. They've a social engagement for one of my dad's collegues. It should be quite nice, they are going on a boat tour of the archipelago. Sweden has the largest brackish archipelago in the world (I think) and it is truly breath taking. I've never actually done one of the dinner and boat rides, but it's supposed to be very nice. Lots of the swedes try to get summer stuga's out in the archipelago for vacationing etc. They have this commercial here for laundry detergent that shows the ideal swedish summer stuga: little red house on a very small island (enough for a garden and a little lawn) with a clothes line drying sheets. there's a small dock for a skiff or sunfish-type sail boat. The archipelago is relatively shallow so keel boats, like J's, aren't as common as I'd originally guessed. I've done 60 hours of sailing and observation on J's, and have my level 2 license. I should just suck it up and get my level 3 so I can commission a ship; I think level 3 is a skipper's license. In any case, that's the kind of place that just looks perfect. I'm sure if I got out there though I'd have a terrible craving for something and not have the means to get it :) But, such is life.

I hope everyone's having a great weekend. I'm still not feeling this going out thing. I may go futz around later and see if I'm up to it, but I rather doubt I'll go, particularly if there is a terrible wait and a $378562738562783945623478 cover.

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