Thursday, June 09, 2005

Of News and Worldly Affairs

Okay, so maybe not so worldy, but news anwyays. I saw this head lined on Yahoo! this morning: Army Headed to Recruiting Shortfall. While I am completely supportive of the PEOPLE, especially my friends, who are abroad and in harms way, I have to say my knee-jerk response to this article was,"w00t!"

The Army recruits something ridiculous like more than 85,000 people a YEAR. If you've not seen michael moore's recent 'documentary' (slanted, totally yellowed, but shocking) there is a tid bit about recruiting in there. Mostly it occurs in underprivileged and indigent populations. It IS a good way for these people to provide and get life-sustaining training and experiences. However, in times of protracted engagement, even the ghetto doesn't seem to be enough to drive people into the Army recreuitment offices.

The AP marked the story above mostly through percentages, nothing that, "The Army also missed its monthly targets in April, March and February — each month worse than the one before. In February it fell 27 percent short; in March the gap was 31 percent, and in April it was 42 percent." Before I read the article I expetced like 10 - 15% gaps, but 42% and GROWING? The quota for the year is 80,000 recruits. Maybe it's time to reconsider this whole extended 'war'? Just some rhetorical thoughts.


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