Wednesday, June 08, 2005

State of the Readers 6.08

State of the Readers 6.08
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It was a sad day in Sweden, as Tonga dropped off the Chart today after sustaining the blog we call Bell Book and Kaselholmen through its rougher periods where no one would read for weeks.

Given the sudden influx of people Canada also fell off the chart, though from commentary it is speculated that the canadian readers just do not make up a large enough percentage to appear on the chart. As a nonrepresented portion of the visitors, they are by FAR the most vocal. A trend in commentary the writer hopes others will follow with due diligence.

It may be the first day India appeared in the charts.

The strongest showing from a new country is Malaysia with three percent. Notably, Education also demonstrated a new presence, estabilishing itself with 4% among readers. American University and University of Chicago comprise a good portion of these hits.

Japan by far had the biggest single country hit contributing 9% to the total readizens.

I'm off to post a response to Jay's post on underwear!


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