Sunday, June 05, 2005

Reinstatement of the Day of Cheat


I decided to add a little tidbit in here since you all seem to have some many questions about my diet. Actually, I conspired with a few trainers in the whole concept of a cheat day, it seemed to suit my lifestyle best, and I used to use it on other diets. It's always treated me well.

The idea is that your body, as Jay said, cannot handle the load, and passes most of it without getting any real nutrients. The kicker is that I dont' take many good things in anyways on cheat days, so it's probably for the best that my body rejects the masse. If you are on a low-carb or low-fat diet I recommend finding fat and/or carb blockers for the day. Carb blockers are usually only white kidneybean extract (keeps from you digesting sugars and startches, i.e. inhibits amylaze production). I do NOT recommend taking these in large quantities. But try it out. I usually feel like total shite by the end of the day, and wonder why I did it, but all in all it keeps me true to the diet.

It was truly inevitable. I'm sure that C and D, Isabo and my parents are thinking, "We knew you couldn't stay away from it." In part Cheat Day is a dual notion: (1) I'm dieting and (2) if I'm on a serious diet I get a day of complete glutton and gorging. Brian on a diet, of some kind, surprised? Not really. I am usually surprised at the amount of people NOT on diets. Given the commercial push for the consumption of fast foods, fats and refined sugars, I'm never amazed at the amount of 'dieting' going on at any given time. The two trends really drive each other, though one is considerably healthier than the other. I will say this, and I mean it, "DIET and EXERCISE are the keys to a healthy lifestyle." End of story, if you do diet, it is critical that your help your body adjust by doing SOME exercise, whether lifting at the gym, swimming or doing some cardio. Whatever. Your body does have some basic needs for movement and exercise so it can efficiently move the crap you ingest through your system, 30 minutes a week. That's only like 5 minutes a day people ... seriously, JUST DO IT!

Okay, now that that is over, let's get to the good stuff: CHEAT DAY!
Cheat day always accompanies my low carb diet. During the week I cut out all most all carbs, getting mostly side-carbs ad low impact carbs from greens, eggs and peanuts. During this time I have INSANE cravings for things (No, missy, not cheese ... I can eat as much cheese as I want :) )usually sweets, chocolate, and french fries (which are just the most useless food ever, and bad for you to boot). So, on the day of cheat, the goal is to engorge, and I do, usually to the point of discomfort. It's an interesting tactic since the promise of eating whatever I want for a whole day gets me over the fear of deprivation associated with dieting. The interesting thing about engorging, is that your body cannot efficiently store the energy so the majority of the fat and carbs pass through you (think WOW, O-Lean or Malitol on a smaller scale).

So far today I've had one chocolate ball, 5 cookies( have a box of 30, and I intend to finish it) and some diet soda. HA, I know right, diet soda ... what's the point? I'm off to make a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, which my family will help me finish off in one day. The worst part of the cheat day is that I will be completely irritable and sick later. Then, on Monday, I go back to the extreme diet. Hmm ... it kind of makes me look forward to the week, because I feel SO good when I'm on the Diet.

Hope everyone's having a great weekend, I need to go make CAKE!



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