Thursday, June 02, 2005

Sometimes you feel like a ...

"Nut, sometimes you don't ... Almond Joys' got nuts. Mounds don't." I figured it was time for me to post a few responses to the commentary from the readizens. I got up this morning with the full intent to go lay out in the sun, on our balcony. It's absolutely BEAUTIFUL out, but it's also 60 with a sharp breeze. I went out for two seconds to step up and my feet were so cold they lost color! oh well, maybe in a few days. So the commentary on the commentary:

  1. "what's the japan part of mrbrianjapan?" - only permits 100 photos, so I had to save room in my account with my Normandy pictures bu creating a new account. The purpose of the new account was to post pictures from my trip to Japan. Hence, the name mrbrianjapan. The postings on there have since changed significantly to include cookies gone awry, hair cuttery and readers' stats. I figured it was a waste of a perfectly good account to just open a new one, and I doubt Flickr would approve :(

  2. "Chokladkoppen is probably one of the best words I've ever heard in my life." - Yes, I always liked it. It was one of the first words I could say in swedish, well that and Beer (Öl), hamburger(hamburgare - ham.burr.yah.reh), and thank you (tack).

    "Oh; I refuse to use larger text because you yourself use small text! And I DO plan on being a Samurai, thank you very much." - The italics on yer site so messed with me, but I can deal. I was actually just poking fun at Jay, who I think made a comment on your site about the textage. I still the becoming a samurai is awesome. Maybe you can bring balance back to the galaxy?

  3. "where's that at? Gamla Stan?" - Chokladkoppen is most definitely on Gamla Stan (old city), (in stortorget I think) right next to the Nobel Museet. If anyone comes to Stockholm you HAVE to go there. They probably have the best desserts in town.

  4. "Queeny and snippy? Nice to know that evil queen waiters have made it across the pond to make dinning an expericence to remember." replied to with "Knotty, we shipped out the first million q&s waiters to the states around 1890, apparently some slipped back home again." - You can't really tell from the picture, but there is a pride flag outside of Chokladkoppen. Bright colors in nature are usually a warning sign, right? jk I do have to say though, there is a definite LACK of service in the service industry here. They've gone so far as to start demanding payment up front now and only offer table service during the day. It's very frustrating. C and I actually LEFT the other day because we couldn't get proper desserts, even as regulars :( and it was her last few hours with me ... C where r u ... RU READING THIS!!!

  5. "So if I see you at Chokladkoppen, shall I say hi or do you want to be left alone?" - Wow, I'd definitely tell you say hi. I just wonder if you'd be able to pick me out of the crowd! I'm sure you could given my short hair and decidely american appearance, so if you feel like please tell me hi.

  6. "awwww it looks cute! did u eat cheese and chocolate?" - I am usually unable to get sweets when I'm there *grumbles about stupid diets*, and I'm pretty sure they do not serve cheese straight up. The swedes, for whatever reason, are very skimpy on their cheeses when you are out, considering how wonderful the diary selection is in the grocery. Interesting. A swedish chocolate cake (kladdkaka) would go really really well with some cabot cheddar or something though :)

I hope everyone is doing well :)


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