Wednesday, June 01, 2005


I don't know what I was thinking writing about all that dribble before, when today is the first day of the absolute smoking ban in Sweden. It's about time, is all I have to say. I HATE going out here and smelling so terribly of cigarette smoke that I have to change clothes every time I come home. And how many times have I been 'caught out' in something nice that is dry clean only?

The Ban covers restaurants AND bars/clubs, and is supported by a strong majority (80% ish). The interesting thing is smoking will be allowed in completely compartmentalized areas, but there is no drinking or eating allowed in a place where smoking occurs. So great. I do expect store and club fronts to get terribly polluted. There is a strong argument that banning in front of clubs is also necessary since people have to stand in lines and stuff to get in.

At Midnight of May 31 the Swedes implemented this ban. This is not unlike when they did the same for switching sides of the road. The whole country organized so that it happens all in one fell swoop. I wonder what it was like out at the bars and clubs last night. I'm seriously tempted to go by all the places I'm used to getting bowled over by smoke and giving it a nose-test.

Yahoo! Article on the Ban.


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