Friday, June 03, 2005

'National' Day and Graduations

I figured I'd try to get this post in before the Simpsons (I've 12 minutes so we will see how it goes). I'm sorry for not posting sooner, but our internet's been out for the last 20 hours or so. Que Obvio, it's back.

'National' Day in Sweden. This is the first time that the swedes will get National Day off from work. Why does this NOT surprise me that they are looking for ways to make more long weekends during the summertime. It's a well known fact that swedes are decidely absent from their cubicals and aged offices any time the sun is out. Well, the sun is out more and more in the summer, so it follows that time at work diminished significantly. In any case, swedes are always looking for legit days off, so they don't have to spend vacation time to take a long weekend. Usually swedes like to take a long journey for a month or more using their vacation all in one go. National day is monday, and the swedes will christen it as a new excuse for a long week. The only catch is that it's cool and rainy here right now ... not at all suitable for a long weekend. Oh well, maybe next year?

Graduations are incredibly unique here. When you graduate highschool you get the tell-tale sailor's hat. Very cool looking. Some graduates don bright overalls which their friends will sign. For the most part, however, the senior classes dress in decent clothes, the women in dresses or nice tops and the men in navy blazers. The reason we know this is that they parade around the city. Sometimes this parade is on foot, but usually it is in Garbage or junk haulers (of all things). So you get all these 18/19 somethings in the back of this huge moving mack-truck and they go along the busiest streets honking and blowing power horns, playing music, drinking (yes alcohol, open containers allowed), with casual green foliage adorning the sides and top of the truck (I'd guess for the signs of spring). Some people actually get their own transports, usually nice cars, and go through the city making an ass of themselves hanging out the window. It is truly fun, and I always smile when they go by. The best is when the graduates have waterballoons and condoms they throw at passers-by. You know it must be amazing though, when you've the japanese tourists out in a row in front of NK taking pictures with their cell phones and digital cameras. It's too bad I didn't have my cam today, otherwise I'd post some pictures to give you an idea ofthe madness that is graduation in Stockholm City.


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