Sunday, June 05, 2005

A HOSE ban you say?

This was a headline on BBC UK website:

Hose ban after drought warning "

With building intrigue, I followed the link, hoping for a juicy story about hose banning. To be perfectly frank, I was hoping for a funn story, but it was interesting nonetheless. The actual title is "HosePIPE ban over drought warning"

Read it here: "Hose ban after drought warning"

I love how everything seemingly converts to a footy match, even local politics and the environment, apparently:
Mark Shepherd, from independent environmental advisory company ADAS, said: "People have got to realise that we are a water-poor country.

"Out of all the European countries, we are near the bottom of the league table for the amount of water we have per head of population."

Even thought we all think of England as a 'wet' country, they have a surprisingly strained water supply. This is not a total shock, when you think about the age of the larger cities(infrastructure), the density of growth and population. What IS surprising to me is that they've seemingly not done much about it. Restricting water use DOES NOT increase your water supply. To increase the water supply you tap a new watershed or source and you work on better harvesting. I'm not convinced Water UK, the industrial sustainability grouping, done that.


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