Monday, June 06, 2005

Lemon Drop Martini

this is for Jason:

I didn't even look this one up, but then I figured it would be good to get an idea of what you are probably getting. I'm not understanding the addition of water, unless it's sugar syrup.
Traditional vodka martini = straight up vodka, iced

Lemon drop = absolut citron (which is lemon vodka, substitutes available, especially stoli) chilled, usually as a shot with sugared lemon wedge

Lemon Drop Martini = lemon drop shot on bigger scale :)

I'd try the following in my bar, depending on the person:

LEMON DROP MARTINI: 3:1:1 - citron, lemon juice, triple sec

For a quicker version - try to get about 3 parts citron, 1/2 squeezed lemon, shot of ginger or seltzer to taste (the carbination helps for some reason)

Other variations:
What's Cooking America
Drinks Master

If you are a bartender looking for some technique or want to impress your friends:

  1. Chill the Glasses - put ice with a liquid in the glasses before you start mixing. Usually tenders have these lined up under the bar for speed. Crushed ice preferable to cubes. I usually put seltzer in my glasses, I don't know why, one of the oldschoolers told me to. If you are at home, just use water, but ALWAYS CHILL YOUR GLASS FIRST.

  2. Mixing - ice first, then your biggest part. IF you have a 'tip', usually a three count(1 onethousand, 2 onethousand etc.) is a drink. I usually pour heavy for martini's. Once it's all in the shaker, really shake it. You will know it's 'really shaken' when the sound/texture changes.

  3. Shaking - If you are using the classic glass/metal shaker setup, dont' be afraid to use both hands. You will want to 'pour' from the metal shaker, so let all the drink run out of the glass BEFORE you lift it off. If you are having a party and want to impress, practice one-handed in the bathtub with a bucket of ice + water. Use your dominant hand. The Glass is usually 'cocked' at an angle inside the shaker, make sure they meet completely or you'll look like a dork when your drink goes everywhere. Put the glass between your thumb and forefinger, the metal shaker in your hand. Raise your elbow so it is level with your shoudler (shaker over head now, almost liek you are going to throw a football). Shake. The fun part is that your bicep should 'roll' back and forth. Built guys like this. So do spectators.

  4. Tasting - if you are making a drink for the first time, take a straw and dip it in, hold it with your finger like when you were a kid, and taste. If it isn't right, try again. NEVER SERVE A BAD DRINK, if you can help it. I went through a whole box of straws my first month. No joke. The barbacks had marked it with red letters :)

  5. For drinks like the Lemon Drop - empty the water in a sink. Take a lemon wedge and run it around the rim of the glass. I usually run/squeeze it inside the glass as well to get some raw juice for contrast. Make a plate of sugar. Rotate the rim, glass upside down, on the place for the edge. Turn upright. Gently strain in the cocktail in a circular pattern for some movement. no ice should get in the drink. Strip the lemon wedge of the 'meat', twist, and drop in. The drink should still be moving when the customer takes it.

Hope that helps some!


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