Tuesday, June 07, 2005

New Blogs to Read?

I'm trying to expand my blog-reading, now that I have a little more down time. Hopefuly I can keep up with it because I've found some pretty cool blogs. I hope you enjoy them as well. To protect the sheltered and faint-of-heart I've added descriptions to each link.

  • Trevor: This kid is pretty cool. He actually started blogging to create a faux rivalry. He's a very dry sense of humor, and he's from Canadia ... I highly recommend this is a daily read (plus his posts aren't as long as mine so they are easier to get through).

  • KNOTTY: KNotty lives up in Wyoming of all places. He likes to post video of himself in compromising positions. And by compromising I mean funny, and by funny I mean half asleep after the cattle woke him up or fashioning jewelry.

  • Jason: Lol, this guy is apparently easy to stalk (it's in his by-line I'm serious!), and is currently looking into renting a house from his Aunt S while he pursues a guy who came in and flirted with him outrageously at work.

  • Accidental Boyfriend: Is currently looking for job after quitting his life on cruiseships and entering a relationship. Apparently it's going well :) He's currently living in NYC which, as we all know, is the center for all kinds of fun stuff.

  • Hope you all enjoy


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