Friday, June 10, 2005

CE's Curséd Meme

Not to point fingers and name names, but I've not done one of these yet, and I was really really hoping to not have to do them. HOwever, given said circumstances, I will overcome this challenge!

  • Total Number of Films Owned:Jesus H. Christ. Are you serious? My parents own 389 on DVD alone. I, personally, own 143 not including up to season 5 of southpark and several anime series(es?).

  • Last Film Bought: Shrek 2 (or Aladdin, I bought them simultaneously)

  • Last Film Watched: The Grass Harp. "When we die, it will tell our stories as well ... And I heard them, all the stories, but the only voice I heard was ..." Right, like I'd give it away.

  • Five MOvies that I Watch Frequently or Mean Something to Me:Princess Bride, Last Unicorn, NeverEnding Story, Space Balls, The Shining. I think just about covers the gambit.

My tags are: Anne, Kyle - b/c he'll probably be into this and can tag Trevor and Blake, and Jonah - b/c he's a talker :).

Done and Done.


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