Friday, June 10, 2005

Jokes for Anne

My internet's been down a good portion of the day, so I will now proceed to entangle the entire area! More posts to come!

Anne, the lovely french lady who recently refrained from slamming my English speaking abilities, is waiting for news. She's anxious enough to have started house cleaning for pete's sake. SO, I thought I'd post some jokes to pass her time. If you aren't into jokes then you've been warned and can skip this one. I post enough crap up here, daily now, that you can read something else. Sorry for being so short, but it's my naptime.
Black Balls?

A caucasian man lays quietly in his hospital bed, propped up slightly, a oxygen mask over his face. He's resting up and, as always, a nurse walks in to take his vitals right as he's getting comfortable.

He suddenly gets very animated and asks the Nurse, "Nurse are my testicles black?!"

She gives the patient a hard, blank stare, "Sir, I'm not sure what you are asking."

The patient continues in his state, "Nurse you have to tell me, you have to CHECK, ARE MY TESTICLES BLACK." HE's getting flustered at this point. "Can you tell me? Are they black?"

The Nurse recovers from her initial shock and says,"I'm not sure I can tell you, I think you need the doctor to tell you."

The man asks one more time, "You can check though right, to see if they are black?"

The Nurse lifts the man's hospital gown and looks at his testicles. They are not black. The man removes the oxygen mask as the Nurse puts the man's gown back down. "That was nice Nurse, but will you just answer me, are my test results back?"


A buddhist monk makes his first visit to New York City. The City, he understands, is famous for its hotdogs. He's really excited to try these hotdogs and searches through out the city for his firt experience. He finds the stand he wants, near Central Park, approaches the vendor and waits in line.

When he gets to the front of the line the vendor asks him,"What do you want?"

The monk looks at this surly seller of hotdogs and the perfect answer dawns on him,"Make me 'One', with everything."

(this joke is MUCH better told live).

Hope you enjoyed Anne!


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