Tuesday, June 14, 2005

It Teases me ...

I am so upset about the coolness that's been the summer here so far. It's so frustrating. It is gloriously sunny by about 5:30. I know because it streams into my bedroom, to lie gently over my sheet-cover like a dog waiting for me to get up. The irony of the amount of sun is that it's almost no warmth. How is that possible, you might ask. You seriously have to be in the sun, shaded from the wind completely to really warm your body. About the closest I've come is wearing all black and laying on the grass at school. given my pasty complexion after the winter and my general avoidance of the sun, I looked like a goth freak gone sun bunny.

I am super psyched to head back to Dallas for the summer. I am a little leary of going back without some sort of base tan. So, I'm debating tanning today (yuck) at the gym. I'm actually going to the gym a little later to see if I'll run into the Aussie. I'm doubting I will, but you never know. Actually, I've a fairly good idea it was just a fluke he was at my gym at all. BUT, I figure I am going to go bike, and possibly tan. Every time I say I'm going to go tan I chicken out. how bad can it be? I really will get fried if I go to dallas for the summer with skin this faire though.

Sorry for the lame post, but I just can't keep the MJ story as my lead for today.


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