Wednesday, June 15, 2005

swedish sun: summer here at last?

Wow, the difference between today and yesterday is remarkable. yesterday it was sunny. I went out in a T-shirt and jeans, and it was pretty comfortable. I was cool, especially walking between the shadows of buildings. Today, is completely different. Even the shade is warm, and the sun, on my face and arms, warmed me like a true summer sun. Oh, how I missed the summer sun, and I'm thrilled it's finally back. The weather will persist for the rest of the summer, I'm hoping.

It was so nice, in fact, that my dad came home early from work. I was busy so around 5 I went to get stuff for dinner. We are having one of my favorites, hamburgers and gravy with mushrooms, greenbeans and tomat/cuccumber salad with ranch. If it's like this again and he comes home early, we are going to hit one of the cool beer gardens down on the waterway near Djursholmsbron. I'll take pictures.

Hope everyone's having a wonderful day!


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