Thursday, June 16, 2005

a leg work out

This is a typical leg work out for me:

Squats. Usually use the smith, with a bench to spot.

10 x 90kg (198lb)
8 x 95kg (209lb)
8 x 100kg (220lb)
6 x 102.5kg (225.5lb)

Abridged squat. Go deep and stay there, just below the seated position to just above. I use a real low box as a guage. It's harder than it looks, especially right after the squats.

10 x 30kg (66lb)
10 x 40kg (88lb)
8 x 50kg (110lb)
8 x 55kg (121lb)

Step ups (if I don't do abridged squats). Dumbells in each hand. Usually step up on a mounting box or bench. Do one set with one leg, the immediately into the next leg.

10 x 24kg (52.8lb)
10 x 24kg
8 x 24kg
8 x 24kg

Barbell Calf Raises. Usually use the smith machine, and a calf raise block. I do a deep raise to neutral (heel goes down), then a set of upper raises (heel goes up) to neutral, then full raises (heel starts down, goes all the way up).

15 x 15 x 15 - 90kg (198lb)
15 x 15 x 15 - 90kg
15 x 15 x 15 - 90kg (then another set of deep raises for 15)
15 x 15 x 15 - 90kg (then another set of deep raises for 15)

If I start with squats I usually only do light curls and extensions.

Curls (hamstring). Machine, so I don't precise weights, but all are power sets. I do single legs, then both, so if I say 6, it is 6 Rx 6 Lx 6Both.

8 x lvl5
8 x lvl6
6 x lvl7
4-5 x lvl8

Extensions (quads). Machine, again, single legs, then both.

10 x 6
8 x 7
6 x 8
5 x 9

I usually try to get in some free-ham lifts. I like to use a barbell, and, on one leg, bend down, allowing the other leg to kick out behind you with your back straight. Bring the weight up, with your swinging leg moving as a counter so you can stand if you have to when you get back up. Looks kind of like an ice skater. Change legs when you've done one.
8 x 30kg (66lb)
7 x 30kg
7 x 30kg
6 x 30kg

Think that covers most of it.


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