Thursday, June 16, 2005

Light Back Workout

I figured I'd try to cardio thing Jonah talked about yesterday, but I felt bad going to the gym for 20 minutes. SO, I did a light back workout first. Usually when I go 'light' I do lat pulls.

Close grip Lat Pull. Traditional, close grip handles, pulled to the chest in an even motion. Release until arms are beginning to unbend, repeat. Back is usually locked. Hold body at a slight angle away from the machine.

12 x 60kg (132lb)
10 x 65kg (143lb)
8 x 70kg (154lb)
6 x 75kg (165lb)
12 x 45kg (99lb)(power set 6 x 75 to 12 x 45)

Inclined dumbell row. I like this excercise more than the traditional dumbell row. Place your weight on the bench near the end. Place your knee on the edge of the bench, so your calf is now at an angle. Place the coordinating hand beside the weight. Let your other leg go straight behind you, and a little to the side, so you are almost in a 'sprinting' position. Set your back (you should have a nice, flat back lining up with your outstretched leg). Roll the weight off with your lifting arm. If you are in position the weight will pull your arm straight. Keeping your back locked and not moving your leg, pull the weight up to your chest. It is MUCH easier that it sounds once you do it once. I went pretty light on this.

8 x 30kg (66lb)(you move the weight to other side after 8, so 8 each side)
8 x 32kg (74lb)
8 x 34kg (82lb)

Wide grip lat pulls. These are cool behind-the-head-lat-pulls, with the fun huge wide grip, bell bar. The biggest mistake people make on this is letting the weight go too far above their heads or pulling the bar too far down. IT's REALLY hard on your shoulders, but if you do it right, even I can do it pain free. I usually move from a gloser grip to a wider grip and drop the weight after a set.

12 x 60kg
10 x 40kg

10 x 65kg
10 x 45kg

8 x 70kg
10 x 40kg

6 x 75kg
10 x 45kg

After that took 27 minutes, I just didn't think it was enough. I did lower back extensions.
20 free
20 x 10kg (22lb)
15 x 15kg + 5 free
25 x 15kg + 5 free
I did situps in between.

The cardio run. I did a pre-planned setup with incline changes on level 6.5 (speed varied from 7 - 8) Did this for 20 minutes. Broke a mad sweat. But still had my wind, so moved to a bike for 20, same deal.


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