Sunday, June 19, 2005

Random Sign

Random Sign
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We were strolling along Kungsgatan today and passed a Carlings (Jean and T type store) and saw this sign. YEs, you read it right, it's in English. The little text below the exclamation is "En trappa ned" or "One floor down" since the store is in the basement of the building.

My mom nearly fell over when she saw this, and, being the only one with a phone, freaked out and didn't know what to do. She really wanted a picture, but thought it was so cheesy to just stop and take one. Of course Dad and I were like, "Take the fuzzy picture!"

We stood by it to make sure NO ONE questions the authenticity. The scary part of this whole thing is that people really do notice this stuff. I wonder if they had to get special approval to put this sign out ... Hmm. Now all we need is GAP to start putting out signs like, "No sweat shop created materials sold here" Wait, they can't do that ... my bad.

Hope everyone had a good weekend. New post updating the Aussie saga coming shortly.


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