Sunday, June 19, 2005

Bring New, Meet Old?

So, I DID, in fact, go to *BAR* last night. It was quite a boring time at first. Then, however, the Aussie introduced me to a small group of people who took care of me for the night. It was really nice. OMG and I go to see the Aussie's new music video ... WOW. He looks kinda like Heath Ledger , except with lighter eyes, and not as large a build. It took me a few minutes to realize that the video was the Aussie's, they were playing it with the DJ music, so I figured it was just random. Then he came up and was like,"What did you think?" shrugging I said,"Um, about?" "THE VIDEO,it's me!" I almost fell over, I was like, "Dude, no it's not, is it?" They replayed, with his soundtrack this time ... it was pretty cool :)

So, I met a TON of new people last night, and suddenly the Stockholm gay scene livened, significantly. I still have to admit that I am disappointed in the scene here, a bit, mostly because people usually just want a lay, and you have to be VERY careful about people buying you drinks. Usually there are 'expectations' or 'favors' attached. I'm not like that, so I make it very clear, or offer a reciprocal drink purchase. I met some nice people, but no one asked for my number. Strange, because I got felt up at least 27 times(ass, chest, and the obligatory small of the back). I did meet a Finn, I know people are going WTF, who was really nice. He keeped forcing conversation, so I figured he was really really drunk or trying to get an opening for something. When I offered a movie or something this week I thought he was going to cry. His whole body smiled, and he had phone in hand before I could blink. He texted me before I even got home. And he gave a decent hug goodnight. So, hopefully we will hang out sometime this week. I did not get to see the aussie much last night, which was a little disappointing, but he was working. I think I may try and call him sometime this afternoon.

After *BAR* closed we headed over to LENO (a schalger bar on Riddarholmen, close to downtown). It was not really what I expected, but we ended up outside watching the sky lighten up around 2 am. It was the cool. While out there though I saw M. You guys probably do not recall the saga of M, so I will post it below for those interested. M was, unfortunately or fortunately, in town to do his ex who is moving back to Brazil. That tears at me to no end, but M had nothing but amazing things to say about me to other people. He quipped at me that I dont' call enough, and renewed an invitation to come see him in amsterdam. I should go. It's just tough, because, at the end of the day ONE of us will do something stupid. M and I used to lift and hang out all the time before he broke up with ex. Here is the saga, as much as I can find:

I actually can't seem to find much about M. Which is strange, because it's bugged me for a really long time and C and D and I used to talk about it. I SWEAR I had a post laying it all out, but I've gone through my entire backlog and there is nothing. Basically, M was here dating Ex. M was serious, Ex wanted sex and not a relationship. M and I hit it off. We went to the gym, hung out, talked every day etc. Me had issues and gave nice hugs. I was smitten, for good reason. M is the hawt, AND the nice, AND the worldy. I toyed with the idea of talking to M about 'us' once he moved back to Amsterdam, but it just didn't feel right. It definitely one of those 'in the wrong place at the wrong time.' Like me going out last night, and for the first time, meeting people who weren't out for a lay. Hmm, why couldn't that have happened last fall? Here are two posts I found. Nothing spectacular, but they are there:
  • A comment on Showing Interest

  • M Leaves :(

  • So it was really nice to go out. I saw new faces, I met old friends. I even went by McDonalds on my way home! I stood in line and ordered ALL in swedish. b/c I'm hardcore!

    I hope everyone else had a stellar weekend. I'll update about the Aussie, but he's not contacted me yet :( I'll do the obligatory phone call this afternoon and then I'm done forcing it.


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