Saturday, June 18, 2005

Sunbathing ... with the Aussie?

Whatsit? Did I really say SUNBATHING with the AUSSIE? That's right, I said it. And, it in fact, happened. I've the sun on my face to prove it, and the digits in my phone to back it up! Ha! This is actually one of the first 'meet at random place and both show interest' that I've had in a while. It's been especially hard here since everyone just seems to want to do it, and skip the dating part. Just not my thing. So I guess you guys probably want to hear about how this whole thing went down. Those who don't, I'm sure you can find other stuff to read on here!

Well, as some of you have read, I've used strategery to no avail this week, in coordinating my gym schedule with what I was hoping was the Aussie's. I didn't know his actual schedule, since I'd not seen him before, and he worked out on that one friday from 10 am - 11:30am. So, going on this, I figured 30 min. before, or after, should be appropriate, and it didn't REALLY mess with my gym schedule that much. I've even gone a few times in the afternoon to bike/run/cardio whatever, to see if I'd catch up with him. Surprisingly, after not seeing him yesterday, I wrote it off as a wash, and decided that he was probably straight, and not interested anyways.

Anyways, back to the story. So, I'm at the gym, and just finishing up a 25 minute run, according to Johan's guidelines. I'm still trying to find my peak levels. I finish and turn around, and who should be walking down the stairs? The Aussie, who waves and looks all nice. I wave and stagger off the machine. He disappears down stairs and I, yes I'm on a mission, follow. I was totally done lifting, so I casually go into the lockerroom. Luckily I'd not taken a locker in the side corner like I normally do, so we were 'comfortably' close to one another in terms of lockers. I strike up a conversation, seeing what he's doing for the weekend. Turns out he's working, and been working, but he plans on getting out and getting some sun. What am I doing, he asks, "oh, nothing, getting out in the sun could be nice, maybe I'll go out and read later." He get's naked, and just as he's undressing my calves start twitching from my run. I go to stretch. I come back and he's semidressed. Cool. I was ready to go a few minutes ago, but I hung out 'just in case'.

The stumper for me was that he kept calling his ex his ex partner. Now, as an aside, I've met several aussies and canadians who use 'partner' to mean male or female (very pc). So this information gave me very little insight into possibilities. So, I played along with it for a bit, tried to get a feel for where he'd worked in the city and it turns out he'd worked A chokladkoppen. I was like ahhh ... and do you know H (who I went on a few dates with)? Wow, that's awesome.

We walk out together and I ask him if he wants to catch lunch or something. He's got to work at 3pm, and it's 12:30, but he's totally focused on the sunning. "What are you doing now? Would you like to come with?" Me? Wait, let me think about it. Give another awkward smile, you know, like I'm really giving it consideration. "Sure, where would you like to go?" We settled on the University, there's a really nice rocky cliff near there for sunning, and it's close to the water. I went home to grab some stuff, and met him at Uni 20 minutes later, he biked.

So we hiked a bit, and picked a good spot. Laid out towels and stripped. He was in bathers(square lycra things *censored*) I just kept my shorts on and rolled the cuffs and waist. I didn't even think about the fact that he was about to see me in a state of semi undress. Now I'm all, whatever. We talked a bit. He's really really nice. I really enjoyed talking to him. He's actually older, and been in show biz since he was 9. The thing that sucks is he's moving to the UK and I leave in a week. After the sunning though, we walked back and I asked if he'd have any time to hang out this week -- I was deliberately loose with the language.

We exchanged numbers, and he said he wasn't sure how much free time he'd have this week, but that I should definitely give him a call. I know he's babysitting his niece the next two days, and working tonight and next week. He did say, at the end, "If you are near *BAR* tonight, you should drop by." His bike was between us, and the afternoon of sunning had been somewhat nondate-like, so he politely extended his hand. I didn't miss a beat and shook, then gave him a smile and told him I'd try and come by tonight. I think I'll go, if for nothing else but just a drink, and so he can see me clean for once. Maybe I'm less attractive clean?

So what do ya'll think? I told him all I had to do all week was go to the gym, adding that I usually go to the gym in the morning. Should I push for meeting again or ...?

hope everyone's having a great weekend


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