Wednesday, October 12, 2005


While some of you may be decidely disappointed in the lack of flesh on my blog, I will at least post my new statistics/measurements.

GOAL: Over 2 months gain 5 - 10 lbs of muscles. August 10

Starting weight: 180

Starting body fat: 18.4% (be nice, I'm being honest here)

Waist: 33

Chest: 42

Midsection (abs/lower cap): 32

Arms (unflexed): 12.75

Thigh: 21.5

Calf: 14.5

GOAL ACHIEVED! Gained WELL OVER 10 lbs of leam muscle while replacing some visceral and body fats. The Weight to BF% ration demonstrates this, since a rise in weight would usually raise the Body Fat %. I'm not at all surprised where I lost it from though ... see the following.

Ending Weight: 185

Ending Body Fat: 16.2%

Waist: 33

Chest: 42 (seriously, couldn't I have gained some 5 - 10 lbs here?)

Midsection: 31.25

Arms: 13.25

Thigh: 24.5 for right 24.25 for left (serious, wicked gains)

Calf: 16

Not THAT surprised after seeing the measurements. YOu always do your bf% first though, then see where you had gains/losses. All the cardio I do is leg-based. I really need to start swimming again, but I'm not sure my shoulder can handle it. My trainer has basically said my arms NEED to be my next major gain. We did arms today and I got sick lol. At least we know it was a good work out up till then. I also hit my legs pretty hard because they can handle it, but I also thought I was hitting my chest pretty hard. Whatevah, let's get big arms :)


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