Tuesday, September 13, 2005

More BAR Drama

As some of you may recall, I passed the Maryland Bar Exam, but I've yet to do my personal interview. I need to do the PI to get admitted. In order to start the PI process all your recommendations from past employers MUST be completed and sent in to the Bar Board of Examiners.

Surprisingly, or not, an ex from Baltimore (yes, some of you know who that is >:( ) did not turn it in until late this summer. My shock, though, over this whole process is the incompetence of a former employer who shall go nameless -- though I'm tempted to the core to post tell-tale attributes of said company out of spite. When I contacted this employer to see what the hold up was the nice HR lady said,"We don't do recommendations, but thank you for calling." *Click* I'm serious, she just hung up. I called back a day later and explained that without the recommendation I am ineligible for the Bar in Maryland. I got the same response. Outrageous. I finally got to someone who would listen to me long enough for me to READ them the form. It is, infact, not a recommendation, but a statement of employment, like I'd tried to explain. I emailed a copy to this lady. When she did not respond in three days I called back,"We don't do recommendations. However, you can get a statement of employment from Payroll. HEre is their fax number." MOTHER FATHER, SOMEONE JUST FILL OUT THE STUPID FREAKIN FORM!!!

I am tempted to go over to payroll in person, watch them fill it out, and get a copy of the send confirmation. Dude, so not cool. SOOO not cool. If I get admitted to MD I will be so much more marketable. I mean like 1100%.

Sorry, I've been real busy with my Dad being here and stuff I've had little personal time. Hopefully I'll post more though, I need a job, so I can pay off loans :( Either that or I need to get into a killer PhD/JSD program. Any thoughts? Connections?

~B san

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