Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Dilemma of the Blog

I've been in montreal what a week and a half? I've gone on 3 dates, two with the same guy. This is someone I'm particularly interested in, and will probably give my blog link, so I will end up taking this post down. I'm hoping he calls this evening and we can go out again. I stayed at his place over the weekend ... so I'm trying to keep from giving into the temption to have throw down passionate mad monkey sex. So this is the dilemma, do I tell the audience then erase the text ... probably yes.

In any event, you will probably want to know details, so they are as follows. He is younger, surprisingly, around 21. He's a college senior. I know I know, robbing the fecking craddle, get over yourselves. He's younger than my sister, and I really really don't want to think about it, but it has occured to me. He's french looking with some north american features keeping him from being so thin you'd lose him if he turned sideways. He's about 6'1, and a good kisser. He's incredibly laid back, and somewhat opinionated. He's canadian, what can I say. Surprisingly, he's intellectual, but comes across as a total burnout when he talks and stuff. Then he gets really really serious. It's cute.

I wish he could spend some time down in dallas, but I really really doubt that is going to happen, and montreal, no offense to canadians, is boring as all get out. I've gone out, I've done stuff, but DAMN is it hard to get around when you are on the wrong side of the mountain due to piss poor planning by your training program. Beeeches.


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