Tuesday, June 21, 2005

A Date and Not

So, I went on a lunch date with the Finn today. He is soooo nice, but we definitely have trouble finding things to talk. I have a hard time gauging why exactly that is. I tend to be a listener, and a sharer (meaning if you talk I talk, and if you talk I listen). Which is usually good for getting to know someone ... who talks. It was most comfortable when I was bringing stuff up to talk about, but it never got TOO uncomfortable. We had a really nice lunch outside, then walked a bit to check on movie times for a date Thurs afternoon. Ended up in a park, sitting on a bench in the shade talking about our lives and friends back home, family, and our pasts (school etc.).

Now, on the Aussie situation. I've decided to let that chill for a bit. I texted this morning that I hope Aussie had a good weekend, that I would not be able to drop by his work tonight, but that I hoped we could catch up soon. NOT that I think that was a deal breaker, since I will call this evening and leave a vm or catch him on break (I have an idea of when his break is). We will see. I get the feeling that the distance is somehwat deliberate, but who knows. Maybe I can get an email and we can keep in touch over the summer and meet up in London in August.

So, that's that :)


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