Wednesday, July 06, 2005

And here you thought I'd died

NO; no, no, no, no. I've been in Dallas and Canadia for a bit, it just seems like I am not getting enough sleep, so when I think of things like, I dunno, blogging, they just slip through the cracks as consessions to the sleep.

In montreal. I've actually HATED montreal until yesterday. Well, hated is such a strong word. The people are very nice, and somewhat attractive when not compared with the swedes :) The city is nice, though clearly a blend of european efficiency and american frivolty. The clencher, for me at least, has been the highs in the mid 80's (29 - 30) with 90% humidity. AND NO A/C!!! wtf. The whole class has been really sweltering for days now. Yesterday, thankfully, it rained.

JAzz Festival. A group went to old town MOntreal yesterday, and I skipped it to do some job search stuff and read emails. I ended up at the jazz festival, in the pouring rain. It was interesting, there was not much jazz, even though it was to be their biggest night. I did get to see some pretty interesting bands playing to a croud of 100.

Meat Sammich. Jesus H Christ. Apparently, Montreal is famous for it's brisquet sandwich. And by brisuet I mean it is seemingly corned beef, and not briquet in the terms known by texans. In any event, the sammich was sourdough, with yellow mustard (French's I think) and a STACK of meat. and by Stack I mean insane three inches thick. It was tastig, and there was plent of 'overspill' to eat with your fingers afterwards. :) mmmm meat sammich!

Other than that I am in class from 9 - 5. It's been relatively slow goings so far, but I think that's because of all the background. Today, in contrast, we have a psycho professor who assigned 70 pages of reading, the majority his own text, and expects us to do group work for three hours in a socratic method atmosphere. Fun ... psych.

Hope you are all well, I'll try to post more regularly.


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