Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Caught 'Ya, kinda

So, as the Aussie saga continues, it gets interesting. I've received lots of positive feedback from you guys. Thank you :) I have a date with the Finn tomorrow. Now, the Aussie is a little more interesting.

I called today, to speak with the Aussie, after not speaking with him last night. I left a voicemail: Hi sorry I missed you last night. I was hoping to catch up before I left, maybe exchange emails so we can be in touch over the summer and meet up in August when I'm in London for my friend's wedding. Call when you get a chance.

So I'm going about my day, seeing friends from school who I haven't seen in a while. I also bought some shirts at H&M(got to love H&M) because they were half off. One had a hole, so I had to return it after fika with a friend. On the walk back we are around Sergelstorg, and who should I run into ... the Aussie with his friend M'el. They were off to the gym.

We did introductions. They were a bit odd, but passe. I did remember his friend's name at least. HE said, immediate, "Oh, I got your message." I caught him up quickly and said, "I was just hoping to catch up before I leave, but it sounded like you were busy this week. .." A:"Well, I may have some time tomorrow before work..." Little does he know I have a date with the finn tomorrow, so he better move on this pretty quick. Otherwise the Aussie and I will just hopefully exchange emails and be in touch. We will see :)


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