Thursday, June 23, 2005

Tying Up Loose Ends

And by tying up, I don't mean placing in a restrictive posture by the use of a binding agent. This is a phrase often associated with hired guns, assassins, hitmen etc. Usually the phrase connotes mending the connections to the victim. In a sense, it is the mending or pruning of an incident, leaving it neat. Well, that, and untraceable. In any event, I am leaving tomorrow, which means my escapades in stockholm, this round, come to a close. In particular, my connections with the Aussie and the Finn. In the end, the Finn won out, as most of you will be happy to hear :)

The Aussie. Did not call today, or text. This was a bit disappointing, but not at all surprising given out fleeting meet-and-greet on the street yesterday and our overall interaction since we met. It's seem just like bad timing. Partly because we are both so busy, and, due to lack of interaction other than random meetings, we lack anything beyond casual acquaintance thus far, regardless of what either of us fantasizes otherwise. So, we've ended with an exchange of texts, apologies for not getting time together, and me sending my email over SMS. I doubt I will get one, but I feel better having sent it. He did not reciprocate.

The Finn. The Finn texted me 3 times today, and twice yesterday, saying he was excited to meet or clarifying about meeting times etc. This is a keeper, other than the fact that he smokes. He's smart (training for EMT for ambulance), had a few relationships, seems sensibly grounded, is quiet in a cute way, and seems like an overall good person. Talking was easier today b/c I filled less silence. We talked books and movies :) He seems well rounded and sincere in his experiences, very literal and matter of fact. We met around lunch time, got movie tickets and went to lunch. After lunch, which was filled with us talking about books, in particular Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, we went to see Kingdom of Heaven. Ridely Scott, WTF were you thinking? Gladiator and then this ... crapola. Even the soundtrack was marginal. However, there was more than the movie going on, as the Finn and I were in almost constanct contact: arms, thighs, knee, calves. Especially the gratuituous leaning over for comments during the film: "Is that Jeremy Irons?" We parted ways in Östermalm, with several hugs and promises of email. He has my email in his phone, and promised to write. I imagine he will. Right before we left I also mentioned that I will be gone barely a month, and that he will still be around for 2 weeks when I get back. AND that I look forward to it. We will see :) If he emails I imagine coming back to stockholm will be quite nice, indeed.

Hope you all had a great week. I probably won't post till late tomorrow if at all.

As always my thoughts are with you, and I'm sending

My very best,


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