Saturday, July 09, 2005

Funny from Today's Lecture

Whenever you are in an international setting it is important to keep an open mind about how different people use language. I, for instance, told a barkeeper in spain that I need to piss when I meant to order olives. Granted, the two words are relatively similar, but it was still embarassing since she had to explain it to me in English. So, it does happen, and usually I try to be uber tolerant. However, there are times when the laughter just escapes and you've no control over it.

"Examples of established product groups for the EU label" was the title of the slide. These included:

  • Cleaning products

  • Appliance

  • Paper products

  • Home and garden

  • Clothing

  • Tourism

  • Lubricants

Yes, that's right. LUBRICANTS. The worst part was, that the lecturer said, "You know what lubricants are yes?" I lost it. OMG I totally lost it. It was that fun silent laughter, thankfully, but it was still bad. She went on to explain that,"it is like the slick material you put on things, and it makes them work better together ..."Again losing it"... like for a machine." At this point I'm no longer there, especially since the class had be particularly boring, mostly due to the lecturer.

In any event it was funny.


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