Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Shrimp and The Grill: An Incident

So, as you may all realize from reading this, if you still do, I am somewhat accomplished in the kitchen and on the grill. Though less known for my grilling talents, as my dad holds domain and we have to do some sparring to decide who gets to cook. Honestly, the cooking usually comes down to who has had what do drink, and how hard is this REALLY going to be, e.g. has B done this before.

I hold complete domain over fish, as I am the one who instigated the fish-cooking in my family when I moved to stockholm. Since then, I am trying to branch out, at least grill-side, and work on diversifying my background.

As you can see from yesterday, we had shrimp. I made a similar style shrimp tonight, except I let them soak for 6 hours in oil with seasoning. When I put the first three on the grill a flame about as thick as my arm rose, oh, I dunno, 4 feet in the air. No joke. SCARY flaming. I was terrified I'd lost the first three shrimps on this test run, covered them to smother some of the heat, and ran into the house laughing. I don't know why but it was one of the funniest things I'd done in a while. It was so novel I even made Isabo come out and see it for herself. She was not that impressed, though the display was fun :) Very hibatchiesque for a white boy on a grill if you ask me.

Hopefully I will take time and renew my blogging. AT least give you all some fodder and some giggles throughout the next month. I'm currently looking for work. If anyone knows how I can get a job blogging for a living I will love you forever ... seriously.


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