Friday, July 15, 2005

Alas, poor Yorick

Um, or not. So I had my final date with Al the canadian. I Will probably be passing along my blog information to him. I actually brought it up with him, and he wants to read snippets without the link to start :) It was a suitable compromise. I can send him the really juicy bits to start, then unpost this stuff once I pass on the legit link. I just feel strange having someone read about the stuff I've posted about them ... strange.

In any even we went to a tremendous little pizza place in the middle of a residential area. We had a really nice time, small tables, very intimate with ample leg touching and other PDA's of a somewhat subdued nature. It was very nice, we definitely had some trouble bringing up the end parts, but I focused on being really happy we'd both had time to get together so much (almost every night this week) and get to know each other better.

Montreal, for one, will be very happy to get rid of us. This due to the fact that the Public Displays of Affection will decrease dramatically. I have had more PDA this week than I probably have in my life time. Seriously. In particular, Montreal will rejoice, as there will be a severe drop in the male on male public displays. We actually had some people yell at us last night when we kissed goodbye. And by kiss I mean something akin to a liplock, with some appropriate-for-public-tongue. I'm the shorter of our duo, but I'm a bit more agressive in the kissing. Whatever, it was very nice :) Tonight's kiss was infront of the Sherbrooke Metro stop outside an apartment flying a pride flag. How appropriate, even more so that the occupant was out stripped to his waist watering his flowers. All in all an ideal departure.

Blar. I'm kinda bummed, but whatever. I'm off to dallas. Let's see if we can continue this hodge podge of successful dating among countries and continents. There was, to your disappointment I'm sure given your responses, a decided lack of throw down mad monkey sex. Sorry :(

Talk soon all, tomorrow is my last day in Montreal! w00t!


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