Thursday, September 08, 2005

Veggie for 3 days ...

So I've not techincally gone veggie for three days, but Isabo and I decided that we should stick to non-meat products for dinner. Last night we had spicy, grilled jumbo shrimp and edamame. Superb. Tonight, we had tofu with broccoli, mushrooms, bamboo shoots and green onions. IT was okay. I'm slowly getting a handle on tofu, since soaking it in sesame oil with some water and soysauce. The tofu was good, the rest was kind, well, bleh.

In any event, we are trying this out for a few days to see if it is better than red meat all the time. The change, if nothing else, is great. Chicken and beef are nice, but boy do they get old if you eat them too much. Tomorrow night we are having crab and goatcheese stuffed mushrooms ... I'm definitely looking forward to that :)

Hope everyone is doing well. Thanks Anne and Hot Toddy for the tip to check craig's list, who woulda thought :)


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